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Won't smart record Overwatch anymore? used to record my overwatch games in separate Matches and would highlight kills and such, but now its just recording in one large file? I wouldn't mind it recording in one file but it causes the audio and gameplay to be desynched and a bit glitchy.

Any way to fix this? I've tried scan and repair for my overwatch game but it clearly didnt work.

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Having the same issue atm.

I have the same problem. My guess is that its because of the new ow-update. The recordings are always 1 long video without the seperate matches
pls fix this problem. The feature was AWESOME
Thank you


Seems like they are aware of the issue at least:

Hopefully this gets fixed soon, as the feature was amazing.

We're still working on it, and have definitely not forgotten! We appreciate the patience. 

Just a shame it happened so soon after we released it. 

 Is there any updates on fixing this? I miss it so much :(((((((

We miss it too! :-(

Unfortunately, we found that it would be very difficult to fix (kind of a start from scratch project).

Here is a blog post that explains it better:

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Hey! Thanks for the update.

What could be the reason for the game appearing as "overwatch application" and sometimes not recording sessions? How should I go about fixing that?

You'd think this would be something that Blizzard would *want* to support. 

FWIW, I'd love to see a blog post with all the technical details of how the integration used to work (and what you're trying to do now). That kinda stuff is utterly fascinating.

@Enferlain - Sorry for not replying sooner. That means it's not detecting it as Overwatch; usually something messed up. No biggie though. Go to and select Overwatch. Click on the 'Options' dropdown and select "Scan/Repair".


@alinsa - If I knew it, I'd post more about it. But it's all Engineering speak to me :p

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@Verun - Thanks for the reply. It worked for a while since last time but now it's back to "overwatch application" and  the repair scan doesn't fix it. Should I try reinstalling the game or playstv?

It would be the game if anything. Sometimes Overwatch updates can kind of trigger it again, but most of the time it just requires you to reboot the client. 

It works again somehow haha

So, if we're not going to have smart recording again, could you at least put in something for being able to separate the games from each other? Even if it's just "look at the video stream for a screen that looks like the final stats" screen or something.

One long 6 hour recording really isn't very useful for me, but two dozen 15 minute recordings might be! (...or however the math works out)

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@alinsa - I'm unsure of the technical aspects if it's even possible. However, I'll forward your feedback to our team!