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Automatic Restart upon installation

So I just installed Plays.TV and it, without asking or warning me it restarted my PC.

Not cool.

That's odd, I've never seen or heard of restarting your PC upon installation. 

How did you acquire the install exe? From the download page?

Yep. Had me worried really.
Checked Eventlog:
The process C:\Program Files (x86)\Raptr Inc\PlaysTV\msvc2015\vc_redist.x86.exe (DREADNOUGHT) has initiated the restart of computer DREADNOUGHT on behalf of user DREADNOUGHT\*** for the following reason: Application: Installation (Planned)

 Reason Code: 0x80040002

 Shut-down Type: restart


I guess it calls that package without /qn which causes this.
Even if the package itself doesn't need a reboot, the installer checks if a restart is pending and may automatically restart then.

I once administrated Microsoft SMS and rebooted the entire CAD department because of it. 
The package itself didn't need a reboot, so I didn't add it, but another one was on pending reboot and... I pissed off a lot of people with it. 

I'll mention this to our engineering team because I know we've been working with the vc_redist package recently. I appreciate all the info!

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Sweet - all I hoped for

It unfortunately happen to me too. i don't know if it's a bug with installation or something. And it seems like they still did not fix it

We can't fix what we can't see unfortunately. No one in our office has recreated this issue, and we haven't had too much communication with the users that have had it. If you'd like to help, we could use client logs after it happens. But unfortunately, because it happens after an installation, there typically is no logs to be found.

Does it happen...

  • on a fresh install?
  • any install?
  • when the client updates?

Guys. I provided detailed information on what caused the restart as well as a suggestion on how to fix it. 

Don't give us the "we don't have enough information" nonsense. 

I never stated that we didn't have enough information. Since your solution post to now, there have been several changes to the client. I reported the error and your solution the day you made it, but received no reply. However, the engineering team could have easily have created a bug ticket, coded it and implemented it into the client without my knowledge. 

Because this was a very small amount of users that were affected, it was difficult to determine whether the issue was even still around; both on an Engineering side ("Are users still having problems with X and Y since we updated to Z?") or on a CS side ("No one in 2+ months have reported X or Y issue").

So more than likely, it wasn't implemented yet. I'll see if I can't get an answer.

OK - as for recreating the issue, here's what you can do:

 - Uninstall

 - Install ANY software package that marks the system for requiring a reboot, but don't reboot

 - Install

As I was pointing out already: If you install a package like vc_redist without the /qn parameter (q = quiet, n = no restart) it may pick up on the reboot flag caused by step 2 and then restart the machine without further notice.

Either way - in case they currently run it with just /q, just change it to /qn. Problem solved.

I had the same Rig Reboot while installing Raptr client :o :/ I'm looking at Event Viewer "Happened less than 15mins ago" now that back @Rig, but don't know how to find the cause for that Reboot. When i left to kitchen the Raptr installed was fetching the latest client. When i came back after some mins i saw Win Login screen where need to type PW.

Is there anything that i could attach which would help you to see what caused that restart ? I check if can copy the Event Viewer logs from today so that if reply takes longer then i can just send that file.

Kind Regards: Pc Gamer & Long time Raptr user.

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