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Overwatch: doesnt record eliminations etc anymore

It used to always split sessions, ie one game would be one session. 

Now its all just one large chunk of video, however many games I play in one sitting, its all in one big chunk of a file, with no elimination marks etc.

It used to be that it would record every game and start again when a new one started, and it would show the eliminations on the timeline of the recording, it doesnt do that anymore, why?

We're looking into the issue. Overwatch had changed how they packet the data when the Holiday patch went through, so the fix could be pretty deep.

Verun, is there a new article to follow? That link doesn't work anymore.


There probably will be a new article, but unfortunately after getting it working it stopped working again. I'm unsure if we'll continue to try getting it working after 2 attempts. 

Could you at least try to get it to separate matches again? That was the important part for me.
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