Start a new topic is garbage, FIX IT is one of the most gargabe applications I have ever seen in my life.

- Black screen when recording but audio still there (75% of the time)

- It seems like it started and you can see the client on the app drawer but when you click on it you can't even launch it. U have to close it from taskbar and launch it again. Obviously when that happens is not recording. (25% of the time)

- It's laggy af.

- A game recorder application that updates automatically without any kind of permission while in game increasing ping to over 500ms. (when updates)

- etc.

pd: my english sucks as much as this client

pd2: not a hate post (but tilted)

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- Black Screen is typically caused by something about the User's PC. Typically it might have to do with the wrong encoding method, or it can be caused by other programs even.

- This sounds like the client is actually crashing! I'd be interested in seeing logs after it does this.

- Which part is "laggy af"? The Client? Games when Recording? The Videos?

- Automatic Update only happens when we push out a new Client Version, and even then it should be a prompt/notification, not an auto-download. However, it depends on what else the client was doing (loading videos, uploading a video, etc)

- I unfortunately don't have an explanation for etc :(

Either way, something seems like it's messed up and I'd like to take a look for you!

Seems like you made a ticket regarding the same thing. There are instructions in there to send logs. I've placed myself as a Watcher on that ticket so if you reply to it I can go looking for the logs you send in. 

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