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I get spammed tabs when I open

Hello! I'm a new user. I made an account and downloaded after hearing about it from my friends. It seemed cool. However, I'm having a really big issue that's keeping me from actually using it.

When I open it, it spams my browser with millions of tabs. To the point where it takes me quite a bit to delete them all if I'm not trying to actually close out of the browser(Like if I have something important open).

I haven't been hearing anyone else having this issue, but is there anyway to fix this?

That is very odd; I've never heard of this type of issue.

What browser are you using?

What specific action are you using that opens the browser? (Starting the client, opening it onto the desktop, clicking on something, etc)

If possible, can you provide a sample screenshot that shows what it is doing?

i got warming by facebook about spammed and i dont know what happen, pleaseĀ  solving the problem

thank you

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