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Hello there,

As i have already made a ticket about the issue, i am therefore asking here as well maybe someone encountered this issue and have found a fix.

So client starts recording normally on Automatic mode while my World of Tanks client opens but after some minutes (from what i saw from the session videos it's around 30-35 minutes) it stops recording without any notice or error. It just stops.

I have reproduced that at least 4 times until now.. Each time i tried different things like stop alt+tabbing from game, reduce the record quality from high to medium, set unlimited storage for the recorder, tried to bookmark often or didn't bookmark at all.

With all the above i still got the problem and it's really annoying because while i got a good moment in game i want to bookmark and press the corresponding key i don't see the notification of Bookmark on the top left corner so i know that the recording has stopped again.

PS: i tried running both as admin and as normal user.

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2 months passed and some updates to the client itself but my problem still persists.

No one else got the same problem at all?!

Same here. I was in a very important game lol recording in automatic mode and PlaysTv just stopped without an alert... I'm sad.

It recorded 2h and I played 3h..

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