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Continuing To Screw This Software Up

First off the crazy amount of resource usage with the app from the get-go.

Secondly, the app crashing games after minutes of recording.

Thirdly, the fact it doesn't auto update when it should.

Fourthly, now manual recording doesn't work at all.

What are you guys doing over there? Seems to me like you are making this recording software more of pain with every update you push out. Here's a summary of what AMD customers want....

Less intensive recording (i.e. I don't want to see a page with a boat load of traffic showcasing people's videos whom I don't follow or care to follow or even watch). How do you figure a person with a casual PC build is going to fare when that page can take up near 100 bits constantly and still record smoothly? FYI my PC requirements are met but I still feel lag and FPS drops because of the "hey watch these people's videos" page that I don't want to see.

I don't even get why this doesn't auto update when it should. I have seen it update after opening it several times. I had been getting ERROR 22 since I tried using it again, uninstalled, re-installed it to see that I had missed one perhaps more updates that had been released. No matter, because all of these updates seem to make the software more intensive and buggier than the last.

In regards to my last point, the latest update is now no longer allowing a bunch of people to not be able to record with the "MANUAL" option. I know it's the case for me as long with a bunch of others. 

You guys need to get it together. Ever since I started using this software over a year ago my experiences have gotten steadily worse as time/updates have gone on. 

We want a less intensive, FULLY WORKING program. Is it that much to ask for? I remember when I first discovered this software and thought it was the greatest ever after trying a few others only to have them fail. Then one update, another bug/more intensive. And another, and another, and another, and so on. I'm legit confused as to what you guys are doing. Seriously, get it together and get this software working as it should. The "New on Playstv" page, get rid of it please. I don't want to see it or care for all the CPU resources it uses. If I want to watch videos I'm going to be a NORMAL person and watch YouTube. Rant over....

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Hey WutTheDeuce, I appreciate the feedback! But let me see if I can't shine some light on some of your points.

1) Smooth Recording & Resource Usage

Most users when recording will keep the client closed and just running in the background. We typically don't recommend that users have videos playing in the client while recording. It actually used to use more resources, but we made some major overhaul to change that to ensure that resources were kept at a minimum. I'd be interested to see some comparisons if you have them of before/after results of recording. 

2) Auto-Update:

I believe it's set to only check for updates every 4 hours after a public release, or if the client is restarted. We didn't want it checking constantly to avoid using unnecessary bandwidth.

3) Crashing Games & Error 22:

Error 22 is a typical error that means something happened that made it unable to record. We've found several cases of Error 22 being caused by 3rd party programs causing an interruption in hooking or encoding. It all depends, and we're happy to look into it for you. Is it crashing all games or just certain ones?

4) Manual Recording:

I tested Manual Recording a few days ago and it seemed like it was working alright. Although why it's not working may be based either on an oversight that we're aware of, or another underlying issue like Error 22 above.

Overall, we want to help. But we do need to find if it's a Bug, Specific PC issue, or an actual intended Feature/Function that you are unhappy with. If possible, you're welcome to elaborate on exactly what you would like to change (you did a little bit of this already). How would you improve the recorder? What about the website makes you choose Youtube over it for Gaming Content? Any feedback we'd love to hear!

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