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So, 1.18.1 Update

I just come here to congratule team.

You had perfectly working app, with nice configuration options and practical overlay...

and you screw it in 1.18.1 patch.

Now it's overlay is huge, impratical crap, that either is always visible, or never. And recording counter/process sometimes even cease to work completely. Just like that: there is overlay, there is red dot for "recording" but nothing is recording whatsoever, and no counting. Also: it records Steam overlay now.

Thank you very, very much.

-- A disappointed fan

PS Yes it's about previous patch. But the above weren't patched in the next one, so same difference.

We're always looking for feedback, so I appreciate you letting us know about how you feel about the new overlay. To be honest, I think there was some stuff that was potentially overlooked on the initial creation of it. 

What would you like to see in the overlay? How big/small would you want it?

As for the Recording ceasing to work and recording the Steam overlay, that doesn't sound intended. It sounds like there is a potential issue. Which game is it happening in?

To be honest
I liked the previous one: compact, clean, always visible when needed, invisible when not. Now I either have recording indicator always visible or no indicator at all.

As for the game where Steam overlay is being visible on the recordings: Battleborn.
It started to happen right after client update so I bet it's that, the 1.18.1 Update. Technically: not a big deal as I can simply disable overlay, yet, it is somewhat an issue,  "Quality of Life" issue.
BTW For some time I percieved not being able to record Steam overlay as an issue as I was issuing  complaints about game's bad performace to 2K Support, but never was able to record actual [Steam] framerate counter, but now I dont't need "the feature".

Recording ceasing to work happened during playing Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. For no particular  reason new [always visible] recording timer ceased to show progress (pink dot was still showing). I thought it was just overlay bug so I kept playing and "recording", but after all there was no trace of video file/s. Issue happens randomly.


I really do appreciate the feedback. I don't think you're the first to say "Doesn't this look kind of big?", so this is really good to help us mold the client for more user comfort. I've already forwarded your feedback to the Product team to evaluate. 

Now let's look into the other issues. 

As mentioned, nothing changed with the encoding, but what it sounds like is it might be using the CPU for recording. The reason that the Steam Overlay typically doesn't show up in recordings is because (most of the time) the Game itself, and the Steam overlay, are loaded by separate encoders (GPU vs CPU, respectively). 

For Dragon's Dogma, it should also be able to record, but might be running into a similar, but different, issue as Battleborn. Honestly, I bet I could figure this out by taking a look at your client logs. 

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. Post back here to let me know you have sent it. 

OK, done.
BTW Is there any way for me to look at logs? Where are they stored anyway?


Cool, I'll take a look.

Logs are stored locally in your Playstv Appdata folder.

Best method to get there is:

1. Hit Windows Key + R to open the Run Command

2. Type in: %appdata%

3. Hit Enter and it should open a window with folders

4. Find 'Playstv'

5. The most useful files we look at are 'playstv.log' and the contents of the LTC folder.

One more thing I forgot to add earlier:
I'm not certainly sure if it's 1.18.1 Update related or one of the earlier relesed updates, but for like few weeks now I observe games windows (on Steam, didn't checked the others) minimazing to desktop right after start whenever I got client running in the background.
It's definitely client related because when I close app games open normally.


Y'know, we haven't had much reports of that, but I personally have been able to recreate it on my machine at home. I've tested with Fallout 4 and World of Warcraft and it's fairly consistent. It will either minimize the game, or lose focus until I left click it. It doesn't affect the recording, but it is odd. I think with your report, mine and hopefully others soon, we'll have a better idea of what is happening.

One little Update for my "case".
Aparently with last Update 1.19 problem with Steam overlay appearing on my recordings was solved - yesterday I recorded  a sample from Battleborn menu where I was turning FPS counter on and off repeatedly and doing stuff within Steam Overlay options and none of that appeared on recording.

 Good job on doing...whatever team done ;)


Sure thing!

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