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Audio channels inverted while Plays.TV is running

Hello! I'm currently having this issue where audio channels get inverted while playing. It can happen on any game at any time, disabling and re-enabling the sound device only fixes it for a couple of seconds, and it ONLY HAPPENS while PLAYS.TV is running, regardless of whether I'm recording or not.
Client logs attached.

Eg: Front-Left channel goes to Back-Right.

I'm using Logitech G430 headsets (7.1 surround). Disabling surround isn't really an option, it's not an issue with my headset (every game works flawlessly without Plays.TV).

This is incredibly annoying, as it means I'll hear sounds coming from the front while they're actually coming from the back. 


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I went ahead and replied to your ticket about the same issue. Hopefully we'll find the solution for this.

I also have the same problem 

@iasac - I'd recommend making a support ticket for it with logs attached. Perhaps we can figure out a trend that is causing it.

To send in a ticket with logs, just right-click on the system tray icon and select Help > Feedback. Fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is enabled. Post back here to let me know you created it.


@Verun - I just created a support ticket about the issue with logs attached. Hope we can figure out what the issue is.

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