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Recorded videos laggy af

So, since the last update i got this problem with playstv.

Basically every records (in any game/quality) comes out laggy af that i cant even play the video on the client.

I tried reinstalling playstv or the vga drivers but it didnt work, also opened a ticket 2 weeks ago but they didnt answered yet.

Any ideas on how to solve that?

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its most definitely the application, i have had this exact issue for a while now. tried what you did and nothing fixed it. Its now becoming a joke, how this worked flawlessly months ago,but now its a complete mess. I was very happy with this program, but im now thinking of moving to a recording program thats far more reliable

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 same, even cause the support wont give a fuck about any tickets.

Hey there, since you both seem fairly upset about the issue I'll do my best to explain things.

@SmiLeBK - I don't know why your issue didn't get looked into as quickly as it should, but my intent is to not let issues like that slide for that long. I'll reply back to it after I finish this post. However, on a quick inspection, I saw a giant red flag in regards to what the problem could be.

As for lag issues in general, there is currently no known issue where large amounts of users are getting laggy replays and it's actually the fault of I go through several user logs per day and the most common issues I find are:

  • User has a system that doesn't meet system requirements for Hardware Encoding (and did not let us know that they have never had smooth replays)
  • Driver Installation was incorrect, or there is a problem with the manufacturer's drivers causing the issue (which is the issue with some users running the Geforce 980Ti card for example)
  • 3rd Party Programs causing the issue by interfering with the encoding (whether the user knows it's enabled or not)
  • Laptops with dual GPU configs having a problem with attaching to the correct encoder. 
Overall, we do what we can to investigate the issues and get back to the user. We can only do so much, and I apologize for the delay, or in some cases where we can't find the reason. Everyone's PCs are different, so it's difficult to know every single problem with every single configuration and game. 

@T_Eighteen - I'll reply to your ticket as well, but I'll need client logs to figure it out.

tried everything, still doenst work.


everything worked fine until the latest patch, i didnt update my video card or something.


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