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Erro 22

Hi, I have a problem with when I downloaded program admitted it will not be stored on my computer can use programet but are not saved then retrieve it every time I need to use it. + When I go into csgo write it every time I play a game Erro 22 contact support?
Pls guys help me.
I'm not so good at writing in English but hope you understand me

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Error 22 means that something interfered with being able to encode properly. We find, more often than not, that this is caused by something on a user's PC and is not a wide-spread issue. 

Some known causes of Error 22 have been:

  • Graphical mods in the game, like SweetFX
  • Out of Date Video Drivers
  • In rare cases, if you do not meet the System Requirements

If you feel like this has not helped with your issue, you may also want to try following the instructions for Error 20032 as they can be closely related. LINK

You can also try sending in a ticket with logs attached for us to investigate.

How to Send Client Logs

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