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incorrect displays of number of views in dashboard

The number of views shown in the dashboard is way more than that on the website please explain this.

my profile-

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Yep, same problem for me. Why is that?

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On the day of the original post, the values were different (unique views vs clicks). We have since then recently changed it to total views, which includes repeats. 

Yes i noticed that yesterday,but i thought that even before the change the repeats were counted as the view count increased when the page was refreshed,and also after the new update the views increase even if the video is not opened i noticed this when i refreshed the page that contains all my videos,on refreshing, the views of all my videos were incremented even though they were not opened.....
I dont know if this is intended or not,so to understand this i would like a detailed explanation of how the view count system works before and after the change in detail please.
Thank You,


Since I posted my last update, we also found some bugs with it. We're looking into it. :p

OK,please keep me updated on the developments,as i would really like to know the actual number of views my video has so that i know how popular my videos are,the incorrect view count bug does not help me do this.


I'll do what I can once I learn how/when they're going to fix it.

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OK  Thanks a lot.

Another thing to add which might help in the bug fix development is that when the page is refreshed the view count increases by 2....with every refresh.
hope that helps.


Yep! That's one of the issues we were aware about. 

Ok cool,keep me updated,


The website was showing the same numbers as on my dashboard (for example my newest vid had 66 views). Now it dropped to 6 views on website, while the dashboard still shows 66. 

And I was thinking I started to become more populair :/

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xD even i thought the same.
The issue seems to be fixed now as both the website and dashboard show the same number of views.
But i still dont understand how the views are counted i.e what was the difference between the count pre and post bug fix.


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