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Doesn´t work with "project reality 2" (BF2 MOD)


I trie to get RAPTR to work with "project reality 2", a BF2 MOD, for days now.

The game is not on the (gamin evolved) games list, so i tried to add i manually

by editing the "game_detection_pc" file, by changing the name of the *.exe file

(BF2.exe to PRBF2.exe)

so it runs  as "battlefield 2 demo" - i had some limited success.

RAPTR detects the game and i get the ingame overlay, but when game starts to

load the map, the overlay disappears after 15%, the best i could get was 38%.

Is there another fix to get RAPTR working with BF2 Mods, or has anyone got

RAPTR actually working with PR2?

cu, Lup

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