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Small issue / suggestion with storage handling

Hi devs/mods/dudes,

First and foremost: love the app, love using it. 

I've noticed a strong hitching that happens that disrupts the frame rate of a game when you first start it. I just reinstalled windows and it went away, and I thought that's great, as it was happening just as you go in for the face off in Rocket League and messing up my first hit! After a while I realised that was because the save location for the videos was going to my SSD by default. Before I had it on another HDD in the system.

Now that I put it back to the HDD, the hitch has returned, although it's a lot less severe... as it's on a newer, faster drive now. I am strongly suspecting that this is due to the initial spin-up time on the disk as it has gone to sleep. 

My suggestion, on detection of a game boot, it'd be great if plays spun up the destination drive (I don't know it there's any API calls that do this, or if you could write a file to it) so that the hitch didn't occur? 99% sure that'd kill off the hitch.

Hope that's helpful info. 


Thanks for letting us know! I'll have us take a look at it, thanks!

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Any news on this one Verun? Still get this issue, be nice to have a fix or some further exploration into it :)

Unfortunately there isn't. We haven't received any other reports like this, so it's hard to spend resources on a single issue. However, we're working on some major back-end changes to the client so I'm kind of hoping that it in effect will help you.

On the HDD you are using, do you know the RPM?

Hi Verun,

No problem, we were talking about Plays TV today, and it just came to mind. I totally understand the allocation of resources. The problem has been quite reproduceable for me across a bunch of my hard drives, but I have 7200 and 5400 ones, on a desktop PC. I recently have reinstalled windows and the issue has followed me, so it's still reproduceable under these conditions. One thing I haven't tried is spinning up the drive myself before booting the game, so I can try that. Either way, thanks for the reply!

No problem. 

We have definitely tested out HDD drives, but I'm unsure if we went to a 5400 one to try.

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