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Overwatch huge lag and jitter in footage

CPU: i5 6600

GPU: Nvidia Strix GTX 970


HDD: Some standard solid state drive

This can be seen here:

I have Overwatch running at "Above Normal" in terms of process priority in task manager, and it seems to be pretty much the same in this case as it does when I put it in high.

If it is indeed this, how can I stop it from happening but still keep Overwatch at this elevated priority? I should be able to play this game at a good FPS and record in 60fps at 720p, and did in the past but it seems now I can't get good FPS if I don't do that to the process and I can't get good footage if I do.


Nevermind, it seems not a single one of the threads made on this sort of topic actually get any good responses from any devs or any fixes. I've switched to Shadowplay for now until you can fix your shit :)

We typically recommend that users make tickets for issues, not necessarily forum posts.

There is a lot of information that we would need to determine the cause of it. 

1. Resolution the game is running in

2. The expected FPS while recording in 60fps @ 720

3. The difference in FPS between Normal, High and Very High Priority

However, getting logs for us to take a look at this issue would be the most beneficial.

I'm commenting to say that I'm also experiencing this issue, and it seems to just be with Overwatch..

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