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PlaysTV and Arma 3 x64

Since Arma's recent 10gb update and introducing Arma 3 in x64, PlaysTV is not recording the game as it usually would before this update. I have tried adding the Arma3_x64 and Arma3_server.x64 to the add list but doesn't work.

Any ideas?

Any chance you can send me your log files? I'd be interested to see if the file path has changed at all.

All done @Verun and sent.

Yep. The same Problem for me. Before the Update Arma my Clips in Playstv had the Arma3 Logo, now there is just a Controller Logo. And most of the time Playstv will start recording the Game if i start it but if i tap out and in or if i am tapped out for like 2 Minutes or something like that, playstv wont record then anymore.. Soo annoying.. please fix this

And for example in Rainbow Six Siege everything is working fine.. just arma

My plays.TV has done the same thing and I haven't been able to find a fix anywhere

Same problem here i have tried the same thing as OP with adding the new .exe to no avail would be really nice if you the support could maybe find a fix because what i think it is, is that playtv doesnt detect the Arma3_x64.exe as a game and doesnt record it because if you open arma3.exe in the folder it will record that session though you cant play multiplayer

Verun. Any idea or leads for us to try?

Nothing yet. It's definitely a Detection issue, so something we'll have to fix on our end. I'll do my best to keep everyone up to date on it though. 

Would be great if that is happening.

I cant record Arma 3 gameplay anymore:(

the server i play in has a recording must thing and its been more then 5 days there is nothing being recorded some time it records till i join grandtheftarma server after that the recording completely stops its really annoying



Same story there as APC i need to record, cant play arma these days because of it..

I got the same Problem. It Records the Loading Screen but not the game.

Any updates?

No updates as of yet unfortunately.

Yep same here. I can't play Altis Life because of the Rules and everything. That means i can't play Arma these days! Please work on it, i think a lot of People would appreciate it!

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