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just installed, Scanning for games forever

I just installed on a fresh installation of windows 10. right after it starts up it scans for games and just keeps scanning forever. I have tried exiting it and restarting, and it goes straight into scanning for games and never finishes. I used to love using this program, but now I need a solution if I'm going to continue. thanks

Have you tried reinstalling the client, or running it as Administrator?

I just did the reinstall and that fixed the problem for me, thanks :)

Hey fucks, did you never thought that letting user disable automatic game scan that goes on forever and happens every single time the app is launched, would be a good idea?


No, that generally would not be a good idea. Far too many issues would appear from people installing a brand new game, and then not being able to record it and think there is an issue because they disabled the game scan. Typically, unless you have several hundreds of games installed, the game scan should only take anywhere from a couple seconds to a few minutes. If scanning is taking substantially longer (15+ minutes) then you either have hundreds of games installed, or something is wrong.

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