Start a new topic only record 2/3 mins for some game


I have a little problem with since i start to use him

For some game (Like LOL), i don't get video sometime but, it's quite rare so i don't mind

But on other (Like Battleblock or shadow Tactics) i LITTERALY CAN'T RECORD

Evrytime i start to play, then quit to see the record only record for..5 min at max

To be more accurate, the recording seem to stop when the game himself is launch (after the main menu) 

SO, how to fix that? :/

Turn your GB limit up in settings im geussing you have quality to 1080p

Chanage the GB limit in advance setting

@Pepsikill - Is it only those games? It's possible it could be something else though.

I would recommend making a ticket with logs attached if you can.

I set 100gb in advance setting, and only record in 720p so isn't that i think

@Verun : It's in almost all game but it's quite random

For exemple, 4 days ago i record 3 hours of Darks souls whitout probleme but yesterday the prog only record 4 X 1 min :/

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