Start a new topic gives error 20032 when playing CS:GO, but records other games fine

When I play CS:GO, gives me error 20032 and doesn't record anything. It used to work until about 1 month ago.

But when I launch GTA V, it records everything as expected.

What could be the issue?

I'm using Windows 10 if that matters.

Hey there, 

I'd recommend checking out our Error 20032 article and see if it helps at all: Article Link

However, if you've already done that and followed some of the steps, let me know.

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Hi Verun,

Thank you for the suggestions. I was still on build 10586 of Windows 10. I've installed the anniversary update and now the CS:GO recording works again.
I haven't tried any other games yet, but I suppose it will work. Thanks a lot!


Have same error with 20032. Everything was working perfectly fine until I updated Windows to version 1703, OS Build 15063.13. Now I'm 90% sure that this is causing my problem. I tried to turn off new feature "Game Mode" but i still get same error. Is there any way to make it work? Or I have to wait for new update?

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We actually just updated to accommodate for the Windows Creators Update. I'd recommend updating as soon as you're able. Feel free and let me know though if you're still having an issue.

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