Start a new topic saved the framelets file but not the mp4.

However, I still managed to bookmark some parts in the game, and a few seconds after launching the game it also told me that is recording, like always.

I opened a ticket but I'm still looking for solutions, I need a solution ASAP and I'm trying anything I can, I beg your pardon for spamming this topic twice.

Is there any way to recover the mp4 file? Did it accidentally save in another folder, or did it just disappear?

I do believe the mp4 file still exists as it showed me that playstv is recording and bookmarked some parts, but the problem is where is it?

Thanks in advance.

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Typically if we see issues like this it's due to something interrupting the encoding process. Unfortunately, there is a chance that it may not have been able to save the video. Sending in logs (which we requested in the ticket you made) can sometimes help us figure out what caused it, but usually we can't recovery what was already lost. Our apologies.

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