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Recordings have quite a lot of suttering, audio desync and lag.

Hey, so I wanted to re-use again to record some of my Overwatch footage, as I did already in the past but for some reason I don't quite get, the recordings became choppy, audio from the game and my microphone has delay and desyncs and is globally unwatchable.

Example of an old recording:

And what happens now:

I didn't change anything, records on my SSD still, running the program to record on 720p, 60FPS with 10 Mbps Bitrate.

If anyone has a fix for this, I'd appreciate it greatly !

Computer Specs:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @3.20GHz

Does the source video still run well before uploading?

I don't see the audio desync, or immense amounts of stuttering, but it does look like it's running in 30fps as opposed to 60fps. This article might explain the difference:

Why are my Videos Uploaded at a Lower Quality than I recorded?

Hmm, recording in the Training Range might not create the same issues as in a Quickplay match. I'll record one quickly and add it as en EDIT.

Here is a clip showing exactly what is happening most of the time now. I have a ticket open and running right now, hoping it'll solve my issues.


Oh yeah, okay. It's very noticeable about 3/4 of the way through the video. I'll grab the ticket myself and investigate.

I have the same issue (ref:

I started to think that the high fps/Hz rate of my monitor might be the cause of it, because that's the only thing I changed lately, but looking at your setup, you're probably capping your FPS still at 60, right?


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