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Solved error 20032 after Windows 10 Creators update

Hello :)

Since yesterday (when i updated my windows 10 anniversary to creators update) can't record anymore, tired with league of legends and AOE2 HD and with both every time i get this error 20032, there is a work around? 


Hi there!

I replied back to the ticket you made regarding this issue. I believe it might be caused by the Windows Game DVR being turned back on and I recommended disabling it. Let me know if that works or not.

Also, we just updated to 1.21.1 which should help!

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Confirmed, after the update all works.

Glad to hear it!


Hey Verun! Do you think the new game mode thingy from creators update(with how it affects priority and whatnot) could cause stutters in the recorded footage in playstv? The gameplay itself is fine, it's only the recorded videos that have this issue which I didn't have before the new windows update.

It very well could. The new Windows Game Mode is supposed to limit resources to 3rd party apps (which includes This could prevent us from gathering as many frames as we could. I would recommend trying without it and see if you notice a difference. 

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