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How does the feed work?

Yes I know, it's not really a looking for a solution topic, but I wanted to know how does the feed work?

How come people get tons of views a day yet they only have around 20 followers?

How do I suddenly get 200 views on a specific video and other videos don't?

Thanks in advance.

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It can all depend on certain things; typically it's just timing, content and visibility.

Timing: Uploaded at a time where someone just happened to see it, and then share with his friends.

Content: Typically the more popular games can get seen more often.

Visibility: Was it only shared on Plays? What about Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc?

Usually when you see a video with hundreds of thousands of views, it's because it was either someone who has a lot of followers, or they shared it somewhere else where it gained more views.

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