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alt-tabbing while recording ingame causes league of legends to crash

Alt-tabbing while recording causes the game to crash. This happens from the loading screen. If I alt-tab during the game and come back, the screen is black for about 10 seconds until it shows the bugsplat error. This only happens when I record using which means it's probably not Riot's problem. I've already sent the logs.

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I just replied to the ticket. Sorry for the delay!

Hola, como lo han solucionado? Yo tengo el mismo problema.


Encontramos que la mayor parte del tiempo cuando hay un alt-tabbing del problema, es porque hay otro programa que intenta enganchar adentro y termina para arriba para atornillar para arriba el proceso de la codificación. Volvería a comprobar para asegurarse de que no hay otras grabadoras o programas de terceros que también están tratando de enganchar en el juego al mismo tiempo.


We find that most of the time when there is a problem alt-tabbing, it is because there is another program trying to hook in and it ends up screwing up the encoding process. I would double check to make sure that there are no other recorders or 3rd party programs that are also trying to hook into the game at the same time.

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