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Bookmarks keep moving around

I record my games in Overwatch, and bookmark quite a lot. After the match, I edit the bookmarks occasionally -- make them shorter, push the start time etc. I noticed that pretty much all my bookmarks infuriatingly and seemingly randomly change start and end times, usually after the next recording session.

So for example I have a bookmark starting at time X, but the next day when I review the bookmarks, the same bookmark suddenly moved to X+30 seconds. I change it back, go view something else, go back, nope, it's been pushed forward.

And if I want to make a highlight video out of the bookmarks, it's pretty much impossible because even if the bookmarks start at correct times, in the resulting video they are pushed at least a few seconds forward, every time.

Basically this means recording has become useless to me because bookmarks never, ever keep their correct start time.

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Thanks for letting us know. I made the team aware of this again, as we already have an internal bug ticket regarding it. I do believe it was a potential oversight because the pin time placement was never intended to be used outside of the initial review and upload. However, it's definitely still something we want to look into. We appreciate the feedback.

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Please fix this, it's so frustrating and we can't upload

Also having this problem.  Please fix it, as I'm going to have to go back to Twitch and OBS, which I really don't want to do.

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