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Can't login to my account.

I was logged off after the recent update and i cant seem to log back on as i cannot remember which password i used. Ive tried plenty of variations with no success. I also cannot use the forgot password feature as i do not remember the email. Ive tried 2 emails with no success. My username is JwaiLow. Please help?

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Hey crazeysmurf,

Sorry for the major delay in a response. It seems like the email for the account is very similar to the one attached to this crazeysmurf account. Just without underscores and dashes. Does that help at all? I'd rather not post your email unless you're okay with me posting it here. 

If you'd like to speak privately, you can create a support ticket here:

Just make sure to let me know if you make a ticket for this so I can find it.

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