Start a new topic wont open

When installed on my PC i cant open the application. 

When i right-click on it (down-right) on the system tray nothing appears. 

I even reinstalled my OS but i still cant open it.

Are you using Windows 10 N by chance?


Do you know if this started with Windows 10 updating to the Creators Update?

Interestingly enough, you mentioned that nothing appears when you right-click the system tray icon. It doesn't disappear when you hover over it, I assume?

It stopped working like 1 year ago. And even before that i would format my pc like 5 times until it started working. It seems very RNG wheather or not it worked. 

No it doesnt disappear when i hover over it. It is there but i cant interact with it in any way.

I converted this topic into a ticket so I could request some data from you. Let me know if you didn't get a notification regarding that though.

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