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Can't login but watch the video is ok

I install the but I can't login,it said"please check your network" but my network is ok, and also watch the video on is ok too.What's wrong?

Is your account name: Rylynn11?

According to our records, the account was deactivated. Does that sound correct?


My account is:WallELOL.You can see that.Can't open the login window but watch the video is ok. And today I reinstall the,I found this in "plays_service.txt".

[07612] 2017/05/03 00:04:13.311 starting logging at level ERROR

[07612] 2017/05/03 00:04:14.884 Win32 error 0x41d encountered.

[07612] 2017/05/03 00:04:14.884 Context: cannot start service

[07612] 2017/05/03 00:04:14.884 Message: the service does not respond to the start or control request in time.


[07612] 2017/05/03 00:04:14.884 ending logging 

What should I do? Please...

Ah okay. My confusion stemmed from similar emails to the other account I mentioned.

Have you tried the following yet?

  • Reinstalled the client
  • Ran the client as Administrator
  • Checked if it was running in some kind of Compatibility mode
  • Verified your Firewall and/or Antivirus is not causing a problem with connection
  • Using a VPN (Only do this one if you already know how to do it)

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