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Can't login but watch the video is ok

I install the but I can't login,it said"please check your network" but my network is ok, and also watch the video on is ok too.What's wrong?

Ah okay. My confusion stemmed from similar emails to the other account I mentioned.

Have you tried the following yet?

  • Reinstalled the client
  • Ran the client as Administrator
  • Checked if it was running in some kind of Compatibility mode
  • Verified your Firewall and/or Antivirus is not causing a problem with connection
  • Using a VPN (Only do this one if you already know how to do it)


My account is:WallELOL.You can see that.Can't open the login window but watch the video is ok. And today I reinstall the,I found this in "plays_service.txt".

[07612] 2017/05/03 00:04:13.311 starting logging at level ERROR

[07612] 2017/05/03 00:04:14.884 Win32 error 0x41d encountered.

[07612] 2017/05/03 00:04:14.884 Context: cannot start service

[07612] 2017/05/03 00:04:14.884 Message: the service does not respond to the start or control request in time.


[07612] 2017/05/03 00:04:14.884 ending logging 

What should I do? Please...

Is your account name: Rylynn11?

According to our records, the account was deactivated. Does that sound correct?

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