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Rainbow Six Siege not being recorded

Title says it all; 1.23 (1.23.1 didn't fix it) seems to have broken Siege being recorded by 

The recording icon at the top left will show up, but the game doesn't actually record. 

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We're aware of the problem and are looking to resolve it soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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I'm having this same issue, I noticed it would notify that it was recording, but then after playing and exiting, would pop up and my game recording is not there. Noticed it a few days ago, at first I thought it had something to do with the fact I had Siege's test servers downloaded and was getting confused somehow since the game launchers had identical names for both the regular and test server version of the game. After uninstalling the test server version however, it still notifies me that its recording, but does not actually record.

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Me too, please fix this error!!!! never recording or it recording but never save!!

Just wanted to say I'm experiencing the same issue. Bump!

New update, nothing changed. 

Correct, the Rainbow Six Siege error wasn't fixed in 1.23.2

We're still looking into it.

With the new update it works only 1 time, and the video lag too much so its impossible watch it. Please fix this error!!

 Please fix it. When I playing game I see that my game is recording and when I exit from game ""  appears but video don't  save . I always see "You haven't recording video ". I have this problem from last update.

You know, we could avoid this issue by using the old versions (of which I've got like 15) if the program didn't autoupdate.

Having this problem too. Hasn't recorded siege a single time for me.

If it's really since the last updates why we can't download an older version of without automatically update? That can be a temporary solution. No one knows how long the fixed version take and many guys want to record.

Sucede que el mismo, cualquier solución?

Having the same issue, please solve this problem as soon as possible.


I've had this this issue for the last week - week 1/2. its starting to bug me becasue ive had some good clips that should have been recorded but were not

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