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Please Remove The Watermark

I have no idea who thought this was even a remotely good idea over at they should get fired. Ive been using playstv since it came out. I could have easily used ReLive after AMD threw you guys over the edge or i could have used what most poeple use, shadowplay, but i didnt.. because i always thought was the best one. This software has had MANY ups and downs (for the most part for the better), but this is the worst idea or "update" ive ever seen you guys release. If you want to put watermarks for the videos uploaded to the PlaysTv client itself, go right ahead. But dont put the watermark on the actual videofile itself, that makes this software COMPLETELY useless for ANYTHING ELSE.. please add a box to make the watermark optional, with people making serious youtube content, there cant just a watermark on their video because you guys need more publicity... Im sure this update is going to make a lot of people stop using PlaysTV, including me for now.

For anyone who wants a semi decent workaround for now this works somewhat well:

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Thanks for the feedback. This blog post should explain everything and the changes we'll be making:

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