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Record audio on multiple channels?

Are we ever going to see this feature in Plays.TV? I moved away from Dxtory just because of the simplicity of Plays.TV in terms of how easy it is to find the "plays" you care about among loads of footage. It's simply more convenient because of the markers it leaves in your videos and its less work.

However, I can't record only my ingame sound when I'm on skype with my mates. What I used to do before is create two virtual audio channels, then have skype and my microphone on one of those channels. The game's audio was outputted into a different channel. Finally, both channels were directed into my headphones. This allowed me to configure Dxtory to record each channel separately, so that I can still have the option of merging my conversations into the video, but also having the option for a video with only the ingame audio.

I think this feature is too good to not implement. It's becoming more and more necessary to me and I am actually thinking of going back to Dxtory for its superiority in configurability (not just audio channels, but also the ability to choose whatever codec I want to record with and fully configure it however I want)

I'm really hoping you can improve the configurability for the Plays.TV client, you have no idea how many people like me there are and how many it will appeal to.

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I would like to second this suggestion. I really like for recording but not being able to record multiple channels later is making this a deal breaker to being my main recorder.

I'll definitely place down your request for it. 

I don't have the time right now to personally investigate, but can you let me know what other recorders allow this?

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OBS Definitely can (I've been using it when I need to record multiple audio, but no matter what I do it takes a big performance hit on my PC. Hence preferring

DXTory, Playclaw, and Mirillis Action! all can record an external microphone to another separate audio track at least.

One small extra QOL thing I'd like to add is - I have a stereo microphone hooked up to my PC. Now this wouldn't be an issue if I can these split audio tracks and I can fiddle with the sound myself, BUT, as my microphone is stereo, I find my voice wanders off to the left or right. OBS has a "Stereo to Mono" function - can this also be incorporated into It'd be amazing for folks like me with stereo external mics.

Recorders which I know definitely allow multiple audio channels are Dxtory and OBS. Thanks.

I would like to third this. I have an Astro A40 which supports both Optical and USB audio as two seperate channels which both go to my headset, there is a mixer and volume control I can use to balance the level of sound between game and voice. This has meant only records my "default" sound output (the game) and my mic, but not the other audio channel (the "communication default", usually Skype). is great, but when I went to single-channel audio to record everything I found I missed the ability to balance audio depending on what the situation called for.

Hey, just wanted to up this request, and say that shadowplay (or how it's called now) also allows this feature. I listen to music when playing and it just makes it impossible to share 'serious' videos online with music that doesn't fit the style of the recording at all.

I appreciate the feedback, and knowing that Shadowplay supports it. It's always good for us to know. I'll make sure to let our team know.

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This needs to be included!

I want to be able to record on multiple channels

It would be great if Plays.TV could record multiple audio channels, I hope they add this.

Sometime you want to upload a video with the voice chat but you don't want the voice chat to be a part of the main audio of the recorded video, that is why I ended up splitting my channels.

Is Dxtory good for recording multiple channels?

I would really like this as my SteelSeries Arctis use two different audio channels, one for chat and one for game audio

Please I would love to record on multiple channels also. I have a Astro MixAmp and it splits my audio into two channels, Voice and Game. I use my Voice for my comms such as discord and skype and my game for everything on my computer other than comms.

Also would like this feature, for the same reason as Eazfb - Arctis has a channel for game and for chat and only records the game audio

Many headsets support a feature to appear as two outputs so the levels of each can be controlled via physical dials on the headset.  As doesn't support recording multiple channels it makes recordings void of conversation.  The default should be to record all audio outputs as one channel I would think.

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