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LAGGGGG when i watch old videos

im so pissed. i have a very nice gaming computer that runs everything 60fps. ive used in the past. and it has been pretty reliable. but now, all my recordings are lagging. i swear, ive wanted to post like 4-5 different videos on my youtube channel but cant because the stupid video lags. can anyone help me? if need be i can post my specs.

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I'm also suffering from this problem.

Here's a video example, the game literally just freezes up while playing. This hasn't been an issue since pretty much a year, and now all my clips are useless.


I assume this is just the video that is being affected, not the gameplay itself?

I'd recommend making a support ticket about this if you haven't done so already.

Same problem here except i'm playing Football Manager 2017 which isn't anywhere near as intensive in a graphical sense. Only started happening recently and i've tried everything else i can think of so it must be that's causing this. The game is fine, runs smooth with no lag at all but the recording looks terrible.

Lag is usually caused by several factors, but when it's a low graphical game, it's typically not regarding the performance ceiling of your PC being met.

All lag issues typically have to be addressed one-by-one as there isn't one sole thing that can cause it. That is why we typically recommend making a support ticket with logs for this type of issue.

I have logged a support ticket but had no reply as of yet.

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