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Recording runescape

Id like to record my runescape sessions however doesn't seem to want to record it, i've tried using the OSbuddy client and the official one none of which work even though they are recognised in the client.

Image shows "jagexlauncher.exe" and "osbuddy(1).exe" - the runescape clients i am talking about.

Can anyone help?

- Bogg

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i would also really like an answer to this!

please help!

We've seen some definite issues with Runescape around the encoding and hooking into it. So as of right now, there isn't a method to record it. Our apologies :-/

Has there been any progress or further attempts made on this front. I'd like to be able to record OSRS aswell (Runescape).

There has not been any additional progress. It has to do with the game's files and how Playstv can hook into them. So either the game would have to change (which almost never happens) or we'll have to create a method to get around it.

what about now? has anything changed into recording the old school runescape client?

Not specifically for old school Runescape, but when we adapt the new Blacklist/Whitelist and possibly look into some other features we're talking about, it might be possible down the road.

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