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PlaysTV doesn't record updated games

I'm playing LoL and Overwatch and whenever I update one of them my playsTV client does no more record it, Just updated overwatch and made my most insane Reaper play ever (Hexakill) but fucking(sry) playstv did not record again and now my play is lost forever. Same with LoL and the only solution is to reinstall the playstv client.

Can you please add an option to update the PlaysTV client for game that just got updated so you don't have to reinstall it everytime. (Should include a notification whenever playstv senses an outdated game version)

This problem is now years old but still not fixed 

You should just have to restart to get it to identify the new game version.

Have you checked to see if that works?

@Verun Yes but it doesn't work. It happened after every single patchupdate and I had to reinstall it. Can you not add a manual option to update the game versions or something similar?

Well typically the issue when game files change, we just need to restart the client to trigger a game library scan, thus finding the game with updated files. We would only have to manually change anything if the install path or exe name changed. 

We haven't had a case where the whole client has needed to reinstall to see the game. Can you let me know what game is updating that this is happening very often? My bad, you mentioned the games! Lemme check with QA.

After it happens again, can you send in logs before reinstalling the client?

We'd be very interested in trying to figure out why this is happening to you. Feel free to reply back here once you send it.

@Verun I haven't reinstalled it yet so I sent you the feedback and logs (from 

I will use Gforce screen recorder until the problem is fixed so I won't reinstall the client yet and if you need more infos or found a solution just reply me here please. Ty for the support

@Verun oh and btw the Deaths, Kills/eliminations etc are not always there in LoL and never there in Overwatch, In overwatch it records from launching game until leaving game so you need to find your highlight out of like 5 games you played.

I like the PlaysTV system but it's just not always working like it should :/

Overwatch has been broken for a while. We have a blog post about it, but it stopped working in late last year. I'll look for the logs you sent in though; thanks!

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