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Support is not working anymore?

I have 2 tickets open one of them for weeks long, a guy asked for log files and I've sent, the next thing I saw was the ticket closed and all the interactions gone. Still don't have access to client.

Hey there!

One of the tickets was closed because it was merged into the other ticket. There was a problem when the merge happened that didn't change the ticket status to notify us that you had replied; I changed it just now though.

As for the issue, we're still investigating it. Do you have Windows 10 N by chance?

Actually, looking at the logs you sent in, it appears that you do. 

Have you tried downloading the Media Feature Pack for Windows 10?

Actually, yes. I've done it when I've first installed, if you see my profile I've some uploaded videos recorded with already, it stopped working all of a sudden (after windows update I guess), I've check for inconsistencies on event viewer regarding and nothing try to wipe it clean (windows remove and 3rd party removing tool) and then reinstall but still... As I first report, the program shows on proccess list of task manager, the client icon shows on the tray, althought i keep the cursor over it and it even show "" label nor interact with clicks, either left or right, seems like the program is completly frozen in background.

After the Windows Update, did you reinstall the Media Feature Pack?

Yep, been there done that.

Thanks for letting me know. I took over the ticket myself and replied to it asking for new logs since you've installed the media feature pack already.

If you have trouble finding the ticket, let me know.

Can you point me to ticket number? It's not being shown on my list. 

Although, if I'm not mistaken, the logs I've sent was already after installing media feature pack, but I'll resend it, just need few minutes to get home.

Ty :D

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