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Video Sorting

It'd be nice if I can search or sort for something specific within one of my videos.  The only Search on the screen looks through all videos, and I only want to search mine for things like a specific champion or game mode or something.

Thanks for the feedback!

I've made sure to add it to our list of requested features!

Been thinking this for a while, was hoping to see it roll in with a few of the other changes I've noticed. 
Would be nice to at least be able to sort by popular so I don't have to search through 100s of videos every time I wanna find one.

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Would be fantastic to be able to search by hashtags or keywords through my own videos.

Any update on this request?

Even if "Find on Page" would work is an improvement, but it doesn't catch videos that have to scroll down to load.

You've already got codes attached to each video if it picks up certain information (game, champion, etc.), If your site searches can filter by those, I'd imagine User profile pages could?

Another option is to at least have the keywords searchable on your site.'d think would ONLY bring up videos with both that champion and that User.  Nope, not even one came up

Still no update?

At least typing my username and a key word (like champion name for League of Legends) should work in your Explore option, but tons of other people's videos come out as search results instead.

Correct, there is still no update.

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