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Flickering in videos?

Hi. I have been using for a long time. Recently, all of the videos that I record flicker. You can check my previous two videos to see what I mean. I don't know how to fix this. I've tried reinstalling but it still flickers.

I can provide the links to my previous two videos.


Hey Yeli, 

It doesn't look like the first video flickers from what I'm seeing. 

As for the CSGO one, we're aware that sometimes 4:3 aspect ratio can cause a problem, but we think it may be related to a certain hardware configuration. Can you let me know:

  1. What version of Windows you are using?
  2. What GPU you are using?
  3. Your monitor's native resolution
  4. The game's resolution when recording

Sorry, here's a video in PUBG that flickers too: I play on native on PUBG, but 4:3 on CSGO. 1. Windows 7 2. GTx 1080 3. 1920 x 1080 4. Native on PUBG, 4:3 stretched on CS:GO I played on 4:3 and recorded on 4:3 with no problems before I reinstalled windows on my new SSD.

That's very odd. Have you created a support ticket about this?

4:3 on CSGO with a Win 7 + GTX 1080 we're aware of might cause the flickering, but not a native res PUBG. 

Mine flickers badly, like its totally broken.
But only when recording PUBG, all other games seem fine.


Windows 7 Ultimate
ROG Strix 1080Ti
Monitor Rog Stix PG279DR - 1440p native
In-Game Resolution 1440p - recording at1080p (which is the maximum I guess?)


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