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Problems with Tekken 7?

Hello I've noticed Plays does not work correctly with Tekken 7, first of all there are zero uploads on the Plays website of any Tekken 7 gameplay.

I tested it myself using different folders, I've added TekkenGame-Win64-Shipping under detected games as well as Tekken 7 app

I have tried it on manual and auto record, as you can see in the top left there is a notification that plays is recording this gam,e however it will not create an video file or anything other than a TEKKEN™7 folder with a .meta text document.

This may have to do with Tekkens video format because after using OBS and recording and saving a video locally that OBS VOD popped up in PlaysTV game sessions history.

I think T7 default format was .flv

Hey there, we just released the detection for Tekken 7 just now. You'll have to restart your client first before it takes effect though! Thanks for your patience!

Thank you, I'll check and get back to you.

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