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Temp Folder no longer used - Recording Audio Choppy!

Audio is laggy in every video. It was until about a month ago since this must have started - I mostly play Rainbow Six Siege, which was not recording at all, hence I only noticed it now. :-(

My computer has the following spec:

  • Intel i7 5820K @ 3.4 GHz
  • ASUS Geforce GTX 1070
  • 16 GB RAM (4x4 GB)
  • C: on RAID-1 SSD (where the temp folder is)
  • F: regular WD Black HDD (where the video folder is)

Now I've seen what happens (figured out while typing this):

The temp folder specified in the settings is no longer used by - the recording is directly streamed onto the Video folder - my HDD and not to the SSD.

Many other who complain about such an issue have probably a similar setup or even don't own an SSD.

For me it worked fine while it respected the temp folder on my SSD and started to become choppy once it began recording directly to my HDD.

Please fix that.

There is more to the issue than the temp folder not being used:

I just realized that recording directly to the SSD improves the recording drastically, but there are still partial audio skips when e.g. the round ends in Rainbow Six Siege. This gong-like sound craps out on

There is one more thing that needs mentioning:

I recently swapped my monitor (60 Hz) for a new gamer monitor (144 Hz) and adjusted the game to run on 144 Hz too. So I have very high FPS most of the time - could this be an issue?

High Refresh Rate Monitors should not be an issue since we're not grabbing the frames based on what the monitor is seeing. 

It would probably be good to look at your machine and see what could be causing the issue. 

Here is how to send logs to us:

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