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Game minimizes after launch due to

 Hello it is mainly for Counterstrike Global Offensive.

I recognize the Problem, when i launch CS GO my game minimizes at the start, its really annoying because it takes time to go back.

When i disable it wont minimize so its definitely app which minimize my game!

pls tell me a solution to this one.

My Game has another resolution like the one i am recording.

Hey there, we're not 100% sure what is causing this problem. I have requested logs from your ticket that you created about the same issue. Hopefully we'll be able to find what is causing it.

i have this problem too,

game also becomes mute and it minimizes upon showing logo, and i have to minimize it and then restore it to make the sound working, its really annoying

@Mehbang - Which game is it?

all the games on my PC, DOTA2, FALLOUT 4, Rise of Tomb Raider, ......

I think it overlapses with Windows Game DVR or Game mode, Cuz it was enabled before, And I used GeForce Experience so it maybe overlapped with it, IDK, but anyway I uninstalled and used NVidia ShadowPlay its really good and quality is very good, but very high Size thou

Overall, its either Overlapping with Game DVR or ShadowPlay 

Do you feel that you need to have Game DVR and/or Shadowplay running alongside

Game DVR is a nice feature and ShadowPlay is good one,

I dont Feel anything, i got tired of uninstalled it and now i use ShadowPlay, they all do the same so if one annoys me i use other, I said it may Overlap it, not I feel to use it

Ah okay, well thanks for the clarification!

12.9.2017 - The Problem is still not solved.

Game still minimizes in Manual Recording Mode after launching(CSGO)

Will there ever be a solution?


We're aware that it can still happen. However, it's not a 100% documented case with every user. 

When we start making some enhancements to LTC we'll more than likely see a fix in place.

It's minimizing Fallout 4, Warframe, and CS:GO for me. GTA V seems too stubborn to be minimized, but my cursor does flicker from the GTA cursor to my desktop cursor, back to the GTA cursor right when the PlaysTV logo appears

@Torhque - Does this cause any problems with trying to record the games that get minimized?


Kinda sorta. Since PlaysTV minimizes the game at such an early point, it will sometimes throw my resolution/aspect ratio through a loop. Fallout 4 will have an awkward aspect ratio, and it causes the recordings to be horribly jittery.

However, it doesn't affect Warframe at all. I can tab back, and the recordings will be fine. I'll note that Fallout 4 run at Fullscreen while Warframe is run at Borderless Fullscreen.

My workaround for Fallout 4 is to exit Plays, launch Fallout 4, reach the Main Menu, tab out, launch Plays, tab back to Fallout 4, wait to get minimized by Plays, and tab back to Fallout 4. The aspect ratio is left untouched, and recordings appear normal.

Good to know all the details; thank you!

I personally run into the issue as well at home. One the games that sometimes is affected is, you guessed it, Fallout 4. I never get an issue where it screws up the aspect ratio in the recording, but sometimes I'll see (while playing) that the screen is "fuzzier" than normal; hard to explain. Although if I get that issue it's usually fixed by alt-tabbing out and back in. I too run Fallout 4 in Fullscreen.

Although the difference is yours seems to have 100% of the time. Mine I can sometimes circumvent by left-clicking AS the game is opening (before the is Recording overlay appears). If you haven't done so already, can you recreate it doing that, and then send me client logs so I can try to take a look?

Player Unknowns Battleground has the same issue with the minimizing in manual recording mode ..


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