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No Hotkeys Settings Tab

 The settings tab to edit hotkeys seems to have disappeared, meaning I can't edit hotkeys to change recording type, etc.

Anyone else? Any solutions?
(29.5 KB)

From your Screenshot:


Editing the Hotkeys is now next to the Hotkey itself.

Wasn't there a hotkey for changing the recording type (automatic, manual, off) in-game? That's the hotkey I'm trying to find.

I don't believe so. If there was, it's been quite some time. We separated Manual and Automatic Recording probably a year back or so, and since then you always had to exit out for swapping Recording method.

Well, take this as a suggestion then ;p.

Recording with ReLive results in major performance issues (I'm talking drops to 1-3 FPS in any game, even on main menus) while also recording with Since I use manual recording mode, this is a problem for me, meaning every time I want to record with ReLive I have to go into settings and manually disable it. Then I'll have to remember to turn it back on when I'm done recording with ReLive, which is an easy thing to forget, leading me to miss out on saving some gaming moments I would have wanted to save.

Having a hotkey to let me do this on the fly would solve these problems, since I would set's recording mode hotkey to the same hotkey I have set for ReLive to start/stop recording. This would mean pressing the hotkey would start recording with ReLive, and stop recording with, all with one keystroke.

If you don't mind me asking, why are you trying to record with both AMD ReLive and Why not just use one recorder?

I prefer to use ReLive for recording things I know I'm recording specifically for, if that makes sense - e.g. a YouTube video. I do this because it offers better performance and the video generally looks better on the same bitrate than, and it also has support for HEVC and AVC encoding. It also lets me record things that aren't just the game.

I use just to save any clips that I might want whenever something funny happens in a game or whatever.


Ah okay. Thanks for letting me know.

Well unfortunately, I know that different recorders can have trouble encoding at the same time, so it's typically not something we recommend. I don't believe we have any intentions on changing allowing a function to change recording type while in-game, but if you'd like I can place it down as a Feature Request. Would that work?

Yeah, that sounds good.


Alright, I've placed it down. I apologize we don't have something to help you with your issue right now. Feel free and let me know if you have any other requests or feedback!

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