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Improvements wishlist

1. I have a long list of video Highlights, so long it's got a scroll bar. I am working on Highlight X. I create sub-clip and share it. Then the whole page refreshes and the Highlight list resets back to Highlight 1 at top. I forget which Highlight # I was working on. It would be handy if the Highlight scroll list doesn't refresh/reset, and the actual clip/video is properly coloured/highlighted in the list so I know which one has been uploaded. (yes, I could just scroll to bottom of list to see the newly created sub-clips #)

2. Sometimes I think the Highlight recording gets out-of-sync (as in that the finishing time was cut too early). Maybe it's because overlapping Highlights? I usually have Highlight time length of 15 seconds and press the hotkey to save whenever I get scores/frags.

3. Can we have splice/appending functionality?

Thanks for the requests! I've written them down for our team! Let us know if you have any other feature requests, questions or concerns!

While we're making requests, can I add to the list? A couple of UI requests: 

1. When you have the list of recordings, mark which ones have a bookmark in them

2. Condense the recordings and clips menus so they can both be displayed at once - Playing 8 games of rocket league and then having to watch the slow animation a load of times to try and find the bookmarks you made is tedious.

Thanks Verun, legend as always :)

Hey leeps!

Thanks for the suggestions!

For number 2, just to clarify, Do you mean a method to see both the Recorded Sessions as well as the Recordings in it (if selected)? Just want to make sure I'm forwarding the right info :p

Yeah, that's what I mean. I made a bad mockup of what I mean... Instead of this and this, maybe have both visible like this, but also have some indication of which recordings have bookmarks in them, like a little logo next to the title. It's a small thing but I think ti would help the UX a lot! 

Thanks :)

I agree! I think we had a few employees complain about this too! Haha

Thanks for the sweet mockup too! I'll make sure to show it!


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