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My english is crap.

Almost half-year ago, I made a post here talking about and how many bugs it had. Now i'm here once again and this shit application keeps tilting me.

- Sometimes crashes with no reason. U can see the app in the toolbar. U proceed to start a game and then when u open the app to watch ur awesome/shitty plays the app is not even running. U have to close it with the task manager, open the app once again and, SURPRISE, ur games are not even recorded. This had happen to me like one million of times.

- There's some games that doesnt want to record for no reason. These times the app is running tho. Happens like 1/5 times.

- And there's some times that a recorded game doesnt have kill/death/assist points, and u have to find the play u did byurself. 1/7 times.

- The client is still laggy and clunky as fuck.

Extra: It would be nice if u guys add a fast backward and a slow motion button. But first of all fix ur crap BUGS.

(please dont try to answer this post with some tips to fix this problems because i tried everything, my computer is pretty good and no one of that crap tips works, ty).

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Hey Xegami, yep, I remember your other posts.


I did ask quite a few questions on it; although you didn't reply, it seems we went back and forth in a support ticket. You didn't reply back so I figured the issues were solved.

You didn't want any tips to fix the problem, and that's cool, but I'll let you know what I do seem to see 99% of the time with issues you're mentioning. Crashing for No Reason - User Specific Issue

Some Games does not want to Record - Depends on the Game

No Pin Data - User Specific Issue (Typically caused by either League of Legends not detecting, or Riot API is down/can't be connected to).

Client is Laggy and Clunky - This could be based on PC performance, but feel free and share specific examples. 

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