Start a new topic records but no video in the end

PLEASE HELP ME records but no video in the end

2 people have this problem

Which game are you trying to record?

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Minecraft, The Long Dark

I have the same problem in Arma 3 and all games


Please Helppppp !

Typically for issues where says it is recording, but then there is no video, is because of a conflict in the encoding process. This means that usually there is another program that might be causing an issue with finalizing the recording. I'd recommend checking to see if Microsoft Game DVR or any other game recorder is running. 

They are all checked off. All of them off.

In that case, can you create a support ticket using this method?

It will include your client logs so we can try to figure out what might be blocking it. 

If you've already made a support ticket, let me know!

I already made it.

Alright, thanks!

I merged all your related tickets into one and alerted the CS rep to take a look.

Did not a result come out?

Did not a result come out?

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