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Lost months of recordings due to PlaysTV

So I have a whole 1TB dedicated to recordings and I've been filling the hard drive up over a few months. I had auto manage space disabled so I can fill the drive up as much as I want. Today, I open PlaysTV to an intro screen as if I had just installed it. I signed in and all the settings had returned to default. I checked my hard drive and all of my videos were purged, likely as a result of the auto cleanup. Why did it decide to screw my preferences?? I didn't modify my installation or any files on the hard drive for that matter. I've checked my recycle bin and it's all gone. I think I'll just have to find a program that doesn't purge my videos when it feels like it.

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I apologize that your videos are gone. It should not by default be resetting the config file (which stores all information like recording preferences, save location, etc).

Were you storing the videos in the default recording folder, or did you change it to another location?

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