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Audio out of sync/ Lagging

So after ive played on multiple games and wanted to get some clips, my audio is choppy/out of sync or lagging i dunno. I am not too technical with these things. I was playing player unknown battlegrounds and in a 20 second clip, there are 3 different conversations i had in a minute game in that 1 clip. It may be best the post links to show what i mean....

There have been no software or hardware changes to my system. I have checked my drivers and they are up to date.

Have you made a support ticket about this issue yet?

I got the same problem with a certain game & I have made a support ticket but the devs of plays tv dont seem to give a crap -> Being Processed since 29 days 0 hours .......................

getting no response from them whatsoever

@JKDelaney - There is a difference between "giving a crap" and accidentally missing a ticket. I'll look at your ticket today, but I'll probably need logs as well. 

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