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Faceit account

when i try to link my faceit account i get the error Error

There was an error while processing your request

can somebody help ? 

5 people have this problem

There is a current issue with FACEIT account binding and we're looking into it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

When can i expect it to work?

I don't think we have an ETA currently. It was based off a change made on FACEIT's end, so we'll have to adapt to it. 

Same here man, its already more than a month and still getting that "error" message :(

Wauw over a month thats long! Is the problem sooo big? Pfff i hope they fix it soon so we can enjoy

Lol, they are looking into it... maybe next year will be fixed. 

And also @Verun you are featured on Faceit website and they make changes in the code without giving heads up about possible conflicts, top notch collaboration 10/10.

I am? I wasn't aware and haven't looked.

But yep, changes can happen. It's their site and they are free to do what they want with it. Did they know it would have conflicted? Probably not. But thankfully this is not an immediate dire issue; you can still play CSGO with FaceIt integration.

Guys, i just the reply from faceit support, so its actually a problem from site, not from the faceit site. well well...  


That is correct. I don't think anyone was stating it was Faceit's fault it wasn't working. They made a change, and now we just need to make the change on our end to complete the loop.

HELLO ANY NEWS YET ?? is it ever gonna be okey ? 

We were aiming to have it out with the most recent client release, but it was actually more complicated than we had thought. We're talking with Faceit and trying to get it fixed ASAP

there is new client update and it still doesnt work...

The fix for Faceit will be a Web Update; not a client one. We're still heavily investigating it.

OK just start to be honest and tell us it never gonna work, or not this year.....

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