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Playstv crashing pubg

I've posted this a few time on other sites steam/reddit no one there was able to figure out why having playstv open causes playerunknown battlegrounds to crash. Pretty much what happens is i load the game it loads to the first screen where you can see team mates (i can click to enter game change settings etc) and an error message comes up (doesn't force close game) can still click and move around but the error message is on my screen. I've reinstalled playstv reinstalled battlegrounds closed every background program i have open changed bitrate to lower and higher trying to see if any of these could be the cause but it still crashes. This started when i first got playstv and at the start it wouldn't work. By some random chance in the dark i figured out it was cause of the reshade i had for pubg. I changed the file extension to something else (this was a fix i found for reshade not playstv itself) and it worked i could use both. Now newest problem happened about a month later i stopped playing pubg for a few weeks game was updated etc. i come back playstv doesn't work i completely deleted reshade thinking maybe they were interfering with eachother but playstv still doesn't work and none of the above things i've tried have worked. Also playstv works with every other game I've tried.

I tried posting as much information about the problem as i could. Sorry if i didn't make things clear enough if i didn't explain something good enough let me know.

I can post an imgur of the error message if its needed.

My pc specs are 

i5 6600k

16 gb of ram

r9 fury grapihcs card

the game is installed on SSD.

Windows 10

Thanks in advance for any help.

(81.3 KB)


Thank you, I had the same issue. After I deinstalled MSI Afterburner it works properly.


@BendixsonT - I actually found out what it was for me i sent in my crash reports to the playstv team and what was causing it for me was a program i use was conflicting with playstv. Whenever i had rivatuner statistics open (comes with msi afterburner) my game would crash i had to uninstall to be able to record.

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@BendixsonT - 

If you'd like we can take a look as to why it may be crashing. If it happens again, I'd recommend sending in your client logs. Here is the instructions on how to do that: LINK

I can confirm. My PUBG crashes with aswell. It doesn't crash without

I have experienced this for atleast several months. That's why I don't currently at all. I works for other games but not PUBG. Ingame, sooner or later PUBG crashes with recording. It doesn't crash if I blacklist PUBG in

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Hey there,

We don't see that error often, or at all actually. I saw you made a ticket with roughly the same thing so I went ahead and requested log files from you so we can maybe figure this out.

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