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Wow sucks

Just hade a great game in csgo, even felt so good I decided to ask the guys to pause the match so I could quit the game -> start -> set it to record automatic -> reconnect to the match in my tournament. Played two games with insane plays just to find out that this shitty garbage didnt record anything, GOOD JOB! works best when it's opened before the game exe is opened so it can properly hook in. For more reliable recording, we don't recommend opening while the game is running.

No it doesn''t verun because its done this to me several times and even crashed showing that this recording software is fucking useless. This program has one job and its job is to record plays, i would cut some slack but this piece of shit program can't EVEN record anything! it just works when it wants too. if you want plays recorded enanton get OBS or Bandicam (obs is free) (bandicam is priced) at least those programs won't fuck you over when they say they can record.

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