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choppy footage, delayed voice, sometimes sped up voice and more.

Ever since awhile now my has been seriously degrading in quality and I have no idea why. my voice is majorly delayed by sometimes up to a full minute or even more that I've seen, sometimes but not as frequently the audio is out of sync completely as well, as I've stated in the title, in the following clip everything is sped up apart from the gameplay.

Even here if you listen closely in the second clip after I start first aiding for the second time you can hear me say that "yeah hes trying to stop me healing" but I don't actually say it in the clip at that specific time and either at full volume, unlike the first clip, which was also a delayed audio clip from my end. 

Although sometimes the audio and microphone are synced up in different games, PUBG is the worst game out of all of them where as Paladins recently has been fairly fine as seen here.

I have a feeling it's something to do with my settings or my system as it may be having problems trying to record especially with graphically intensive games, since Overwatch has this same audio delay issue. Where as with CSGO the audio and ingame audio is synced perfectly as seen here:

Any ideas, fixes or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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